Q: What type of company is Uniglobe Research Corporation?
A: Uniglobe is a brokerage, handling materials from many different sources. Our customers send us their requests and, by working with our various suppliers, we attempt to find the best material suitable for the customer's needs.

Q: Is Uniglobe Research Corporation licensed by the FDA?
A: No. Because we at Uniglobe do not manufacture any products ourselves, we are not required to be licensed by the FDA. However, we are registered with the FDA, as a broker / repackager / relabler, and our facility is inspected by FDA representatives to ensure that we maintain adequate records in compliance with their regulations.

Q: How long has Uniglobe Research Corporation been in business?
A: Uniglobe Research was incorporated in June 1990.

Q: What background do the principals of the corporation have?
A: Fiona Taylor has worked in the industry since 1974, initially with Maritime Chemical Corporation and its related blood banks, handling all aspects of the business including FDA licensing and regulatory affairs. In 1984, North American Biologicals acquired Maritime Chemical and its plasma centers, and they were incorporated into the larger company. After NABI closed the California offices of Maritime Chemical, she left the corporation and, from 1985 until 1989, she worked as a partner for PAA Labor USA, Inc. This company was closed by early 1990, at which time, Ms. Taylor founded Uniglobe Research Corp. In January 1991, Indira Pethebridge was hired to expand the sales of the organization, and has remained with us until the present day.

Q: What are the standard purchasing terms?
A: We invoice our customers at 30 days net, FOB Los Angeles, unless other arrangements are made in advance. New customers are asked to pay in advance for their first order. International shipments for large quantities of material may require a Letter of Credit.

Q: How does Uniglobe ship orders?
A: We use the methods as requested by our customers. Currently we use Federal Express for domestic orders and many international shipments, but we also use freight forwarders, including Nippon Express, NNR, BAX Global, etc.

Q: Are the products sold by Uniglobe all of U.S. origin?
A: Almost all materials are of U.S. origin, especially blood banking products, as they must be FDA licensed. However, certain diagnostic materials (for example, HLA sera) may be sourced from outside of the U.S.

Q: What documentation is supplied with shipments?
A: We customarily send packing lists, invoice copies, bleed lists where necessary, certifications for testing, and any additional paperwork requested by our customers. With animal products, USDA forms are also furnished.

Q: If pre-shipment samples are requested, how long can the bulk material be held pending approval of sample?
A: As a rule, we can hold bulk product for 30 days. However, in some cases, this may not be possible, but the customer is always advised in advance if this applies.