August 2007 Catalog

        UNIGLOBE RESEARCH CORPORATION is dedicated to providing high quality products to the diagnostic and research industry. The materials we supply are for in vitro diagnostic use only, unless otherwise specified at time of purchase. We have been inspected by the FDA, and have been issued their registration #2077915.

        Fiona Taylor has been engaged in the sale of human blood and related products for over 30 years, both in the domestic and international markets, and is very familiar with the import and export of such materials. In 1989, Uniglobe Research was founded to further this work: we look forward to continuing mutually successful relationships with our current customers, and to expanding our list of clients within the industry. Indira Pethebridge joined the company in 1991.

        This brochure is designed to acquaint our customers with the scope of products we are able to supply: however, as our offerings are constantly changing, we will endeavor to provide you with additional requirements as they may arise. Therefore, please do not hesitate to inquire regarding non-listed items.

        It is the policy of Uniglobe Research Corporation to provide pre-shipment samples to our customers for their approval prior to placing orders. We have found this to be the most expedient method of working, to ensure that exact requirements are met. We urge speedy evaluation of samples in order to avoid the possibility of prior sales: availability cannot be guaranteed.

        All products and samples are tested by approved methods, for those tests required by current regulation, and labeled accordingly. Additional testing may be performed upon request. In the case of infectious substances, appropriate labeling will be affixed to both samples and products: all invoices, packing slips, etc. will be clearly marked in order to properly identify the product, and the required "dangerous goods" forms will accompany the shipment. Analysis sheets and Certificates of Origin can be supplied upon request.

        To place orders or request samples, please call or fax:

6934 Canby Avenue, Suite #108
Reseda, CA 91335, U.S.A.

Telephone: 818-345-7734
Fax: 818-345-0702

Terms of Sale

Purchase orders placed with Uniglobe Research Corporation, whether oral or written, are considered binding upon the purchaser. Cancellation of a purchase order must be by mutual agreement between the purchaser and Uniglobe Research Corporation.

When placing orders, please advise your Purchase Order number, full description of the product including Uniglobe Research Corporation identification number and desired quantity, required shipping date and preferred method of shipment. Also include the name and address of your freight forwarder, if applicable. If your company carries its own insurance, please advise: we automatically insure all shipments for full value unless otherwise requested.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise mutually agreed, our standard payment terms for regular customers are 30 days net, FOB shipping point. Payment should be made by check or wire transfer, in U.S. funds. For higher value items, Letter of Credit terms may be required.

All delinquent accounts will be charged at the rate of 1.5% on the unpaid balance.

First orders for new customers will be on a Prepaid basis: customers who are repeatedly delinquent will also have orders shipped only on a Prepaid basis.

Return Policy

In all cases, claims must be made within 15 days after receipt of material: full documentation is required.

Products which have been shipped against prior sample approval may not be returned, unless it can be determined that the product shipped is not the same as the pre-shipment sample.

Products which have been shipped without pre-shipment sample approval may only be returned if they do not meet the customer's specifications. Notification to Uniglobe must be made within one calendar week after the customer's receipt of the material. Unless such notification is made, the customer will be held responsible for 100% of the total invoiced amount.

Any product which is not in the original container, or which has been altered in any way, may not be returned under any circumstances.

Material must be returned within 30 days after initial shipment: no returns will be accepted after 30 days.

A re-stocking fee of 25% will be charged for any material returned to Uniglobe Research.


These materials are normally provided in double plasmapheresis bags, as Plasma, drawn in 4% Sodium Citrate.

ABO System No longer available as polyclonal material.
Rh System Anti-D slide
Anti-D saline
Anti-c slide
Anti-E slide
Anti-e slide
Minimum quantity: 1 unit (600-800 ml.)
Rare Antibodies Anti-Dia


Anti-k cellano
Minimum quantity: 1 unit (600-800 ml.)

Monoclonal Antibodies

ABO System Anti-A, Anti-B, Anti-A,B
Minimum quantity: 10 liters
Rh System Anti-D IgM Monoclonal/Polyclonal blend
Minimum quantity: 5 liters
Rare Antibodies Inquire.

Inquire as to availability. Material may be custom-prepared against firm purchase order, and may be purchased in vials, or in bulk (minimum order 100 ml.) All orders are taken after pre-approval of sample.

Also available: Lewis and P-1 substances.


Anti-Streptolysin O (ASO Positive Plasma)
Rheumatoid Factor (RF Positive Plasma)
Infectious Mononucleosis (IM Positive Plasma)
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV Positive Plasma)
Anti-Nuclear Antibody
Homogenous, Speckled, etc.
(ANA Positive Plasma)
Herpes I, Herpes II (HSV I Positive Plasma, HSV II Positive Plasma)
C-Reactive Protein (CRP Positive Plasma)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV Positive Plasma)
Varicella Zoster (VZV Positive Plasma)
Rubella (IgM and/or IgG Positive Plasma)
Parvo Virus  
(Note: materials also available as Serum (Defibrinated, or off-the clot))
Factor Deficient Plasmas Factor VIII, IX, XI, XII, Fletcher
Myelomas (IgA, IgE, etc.) Inquire as to availability
Cancer markers (CEA, AFP, PSA, CA-125, CA 19-9, etc.) Inquire as to availability
Universal Negative Control also available.  

Quantities Available:

Plasma Provided as double plasmapheresis bleeds (approx 600-800 ml./bleed).
An additional charge applies for splitting a unit.
Serum Either individual units (200-300 ml.), or pooled in units of 500 or 1000 ml.

Note: Controls are available for some items and may be custom-prepared either as serum or in phosphate buffer solution. Inquire for your specific requirements.


* Hepatitis Antigen Positive (HBsAg)
* Hepatitis Antigen Positive, Subtype AY
* Hepatitis Antigen Positive, Subtype AD
* Hepatitis Antigen Positive, Subtype AY
* Hepatitis Core Antibody (Anti-HBc IgM and Anti-HBc total)
Note: this is occasionally available from HBsAg negative donors also.
* Hepatitis Be Antigen (HBeAg)
Hepatitis B Antibody (Anti-HBs)
Hepatitis Be Antibody (HBeAb)
Note: this material may also be HBsAg Positive.
Hepatitis C Antibody (Anti-HCV)
Hepatitis A Antibody (Anti-HAV IgM and Anti-HAV total)
* Anti-HIV 1 ** Anti-HIV 2 *** Anti-HIV "O"
Anti-HTLV-I Anti-HTLV-II  
Others: inquire.

NOTE: Material marked with an asterisk (*) must be ordered in full bleed quantities - no material can be split into smaller aliquots, due to the Infectious nature of the product.
(**) We currently have small units available (20-50 ml.)
(***) Available as 1 ml. lots, or in larger quantities.

These products are supplied as either Plasma or Serum, and are marked accordingly.

These materials are considered INFECTIOUS and are shipped under IATA regulations, with the requisite labels and Dangerous Goods Forms attached. No more than 4.0 liters of these products may be shipped within a single carton, and each individual container (blood bag or bottle) must be packaged inside a sealed can. Further information available upon request. Note: Special charge applies for Hazardous Materials packaging.


Please request samples for any specificities you require: we will try to accommodate your needs. Our current offerings include:

Class I Antibodies:

A1 A2 A3 A9 A10 A11
A23 A24 A25 A26 A29 A29
A30 A31 Aw33 Aw43 Aw66  

B5 B7 B8 B12 B13 B14
B15 B17 B18 B21 Bw22 B27
B35 B37 B38 B39 B40 Bw42
B44 B49 Bw50 B51 Bw53 Bw55
Bw57 Bw58 Bw60 Bw61 Bw62 Bw63
Bw4 Bw6        

Class II Antibodies:

DR7 DRw8 DRw9 DR10 DR11 DRw13
DRw52 DRw53     DQw1 DWq3

Also available are a large number of polyspecific antisera, including the following:

A1,36 A2,28 A25,32 A10,34 A30,31 A69+2
B5,35 B5,35,53 B35,51 B7,27 B27,47 B17,63

Prices vary according to titer, etc. Specificities are available on a first-come, first-served basis: the availability is constantly changing. For any specificity not listed, please inquire.

Individual price quotations are usually provided at time of sampling. Prices are quoted for quantities of at least 100 ml. A surcharge applies for smaller quantities.

Most materials are supplied as recalcified serum: those that are not will be clearly labeled as Plasma at time of sampling. Some materials may contain 0.1% sodium azide.

Material is customarily shipped frozen, with dry ice. In some cases, lypholized product may be provided. Pre-shipment samples will be in the same form as the bulk product.

Note: Specific panel cells (Lymphocytes) may be provided: inquire for availability.


Reagent Red Cells Absorption Cells
Outdated Red Cells
Normal Human Serum (off the clot) - available in individual bags, or pooled containers
Normal Human Serum (off the clot) - by Blood Group (i.e., Group A, or B, or AB)
HCV Negative Serum
Human Serum, from all Male donors Human Serum, from all Female donors
High Triglyceride Human Serum
Other: inquire for serum requirements with specific protein or chemistry levels, smokers / non-smokers and other specific parameters
Defibrinated Human Plasma Flash Frozen Human Plasma
EDTA Plasma Recovered Plasma
Hemoglobin Alc (Diabetic Blood): processed and shipped within 48-72 hours after donation

(limited availability)

Human Serum Albumin (Fraction V) powder
Human Serum Albumin (Fraction V) liquid
Gammaglobulin (Fraction II) powder

Other: inquire as to availability


Bovine-based Products:

  • Fetal Calf Serum (bulk raw, or finished 500 ml. vials)
  • Newborn Calf Serum (finished 500 ml. vials)
  • Colostrum-free Calf Serum (finished 500 ml. vials)
  • Bovine Thrombin (bulk or in vials)
  • Bovine Glands (parotids, submaxillaries, placentae, cotyledons, etc.)
  • Bovine Cholesterol Concentrate

Porcine-based Products:

  • Porcine placentae
  • Fetal pigs

Rabbit-based Products:

  • Rabbit Brain powder (Thromboplastin Reagent)
  • Rabbit Gamma Globulin
  • Rabbit Serum
  • Rabbit Serum Albumin

Horse-based Products:

  • Fetal Horse Serum
  • Horse Serum (Standing Herd or slaughter-house drawn)


  • Inquire regarding Sheep, Goat, Guinea Pig products, etc.

For any animal product not listed above, please direct your inquiries to us, including specific details of the type of material required, quantity, method of preparation, etc.

Note: USDA Certifications are provided for all animal-based products.


Inquire as to availability of these products.


Uniglobe works with a number of different companies to assist in distributing their test kits throughout the world market. We can provide many different types of kits, including those made to specific requirements as requested by our customers. Among those available are:

Thyroid Function Tests Fertility Function Tests
Infectious Disease Tests Autoimmune Disease Tests
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Tests Human Development Tests

Examples are:

Antistreptolysin O (No dilution) 50 or 100 Test Kit
C-Reactive Protein 50 or 100 Test Kit
Rheumatoid Factor (1:20 dilution) 50 or 100 Test Kit
Rheumatoid Factor (no dilution) 50 or 100 Test Kit
Mononucleosis (Dye Horse RBC Stroma) 50 or 100 Test Kit
Pregnancy HCG Indirect (Polyclonal 1 - 2 IU/ml.) 50 or 100 Test Kit
Pregnancy HCG Indirect (Monoclonal 0.5 IU/ml.) 50 or 100 Test Kit
Pregnancy HCG Direct (monoclonal 0.3 IU/ml.) 50 or 100 Test Kit
Trust RPR Syphilis 100 or 500 Test Kit
RPR (Carbon Particle) Syphilis 100 or 500 Test Kit
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 100 or 500 Test Kit
Hepatitis B 50 or 100 Test Kit

All of the above kits except RPR come complete with Positive and Negative Controls, pipette/stirrers, and reaction slides. The controls for RPR can be purchased separately.

Secondary Reference Standards

ASO 500 IU/ml. 1 ml. bottle
CRP 4 mg/dL 1 ml. bottle
RF 100 IU/ml. 1 ml. bottle
IM 1:224 1 ml. bottle
RPR 1:16 1 ml. bottle

Product Package Size Catalog Number
Antistreptolysin O
(no dilution)
50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
C-Reactive Protein 50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
Rheumatoid Factor
(1:20 dilution)
50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
Rheumatoid Factor
(no dilution)
50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
(Dye Horse RBC Stroma)
50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
Pregnancy HCG Indirect
(Polyclonal 1 - 2 IU/ml.)
50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
Pregnancy HCG Indirect
(Monoclonal 0.5 IU/ml.)
50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
Pregnancy HCG Direct
(Monoclonal 0.3 IU/ml.)
50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
Trust RPR Syphilis 100 Test Kit
500 Test Kit
RPR (Carbon Particle) Syphilis 100 Test Kit
500 Test Kit
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit
Hepatitis B 50 Test Kit
100 Test Kit

All of the above kits except TS39 and TS-40 come complete with Positive and Negative Controls, pipette/stirrers, and reaction slides. The controls for TS-39 and TS-40 can be purchased separately as TS-40-C.

Secondary Reference Standards

ASO 500 IU/ml. 1 ml. bottle TS-31S
CRP 4 mg/dL 1 ml. bottle TS-32S
RF 100 IU/ml. 1 ml. bottle TS-33S
IM 1:224 1 ml. bottle TS-34S
RPR 1:16 1 ml. bottle TS-40S